We are a game development company founded in Belgrade by Damjan Lampret. We develop multiplayer strategy games for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Our games are available on Google Play Store, Apple Appstore and Amazon Appstore.

Colonies vs Empire
CVE is a multiplayer real-time strategy game for iOS and Android. Its optimized for tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 7, ...). Choose a side in 18th-century colonial America. Will you fight for the freedom of the colonies, forge a new nation and give power to the common people? Or will you wage war for King George III, to promote stability and order around the globe? Quarter will neither be sought nor given: build your settlement, raise your army, fight for your destiny.
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French British Wars
It is the mid-18th century, and two old enemies face each other once again, battling for supremacy in the Old World. It is up to you to lead one side to victory and build an Empire that spans the globe. Will you lead the British forces of George II, an aging monarch disdained by his British subjects? Or will you command the french armies of Louis XV, whose neglectful rule has the French speaking of revolution? Only one side can triumph. Build your settlement. Train your men. Forge your weapons. Expect no mercy.
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Island Baron

Island Baron is a Sim City type of game. We are looking for an investor that would fund porting of the game to iOS and Android.

The graphics is all finished and it took 4 artists 18 months to develop. There is over 200 different buildings, cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, people, terrain, and lots of animations. In the video you can see prototype of the game made in Silverlight (for the web). This kind of iOS game can make between $200,000 and $700,000 per month according to estimates we got from distributors.

For the iOS and Android market we want to change the concept - a mix between SimCity and Clash of Clans.

Details in the game (movie HD quality) Details in the game (movie STD quality) Construction in the game (movie HD quality) Construction in the game (movie STD quality) Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Our 3D models used in the game Our 3D models used in the game Our 3D models used in the game Our 3D models used in the game Our 3D models used in the game Our 3D models rendered from alternative perspective (movie)

Our vision and goal is to make the best games for iOS and Android.

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